Chasing Aurora

The northern lights are one of the most spectacular shows on the planet, The Aurora is an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrica

Expanding Your Vision

Photography is a visual medium, it is both of documentary and artistic in nature. One should always know the end product of the frame and here are som

Rainbow Bright

One major component of visual impact is the moment, these are special conditions such as rainbows or atmospheric phenomena. It can prove to be an aest

Winter’s Art

If people were to ask me on what is my favorite winter place to photograph, I would say, Banff National Park and surrounding areas in Alberta, Canada.

The Human Element

The grand landscape is often misleading, since photographs no matter how good the composition will never truly show depth and perspective. Adding an e

Photographing Waterfalls

One of the most elegant subject in landscape photography are waterfalls. The world is full of these wonders; our country alone would have thousands of

Travel Feeds The Soul

Engines humming, horns blowing, people walking left and right, tons of paper in your desk and endless phones ringing. These are the typical scenes tha