The Human Element

The grand landscape is often misleading, since photographs no matter how good the composition will never truly show depth and perspective. Adding an element to define sense of scale is always a debating point for many landscape photographers.

Recently because of the Instagram craze, it has become the trend and viewers tend to appreciate it better than just pure landscape. The addition of a human element in landscape photography can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you;

1. Don’t take away the view from the landscape. It is advisable to use a single element or single person as a sense of scale. More than one can overpower the other components.

2. Use the basics of composition in placing your human element. Most effective is the rule of thirds.

3. Take note of the size of your human element. It should serve as an anchor point but should not be overpowering.

4. A colorful jacket or clothing is also a great idea. Follow the rules of complementary colors if possible.

5. A good pose should also be taken into consideration. Pose side view with arms and legs apart to make the element more recognizable.

Hope this helps. Here are some sample photos to help you visualize the tips. Thanks.

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Published by Edwin Martinez

Edwin Martinez is considered one of the Philippine’s premiere Landscape photographer, he has been shooting travel and landscapes from around the globe. His works have been featured both in local and international publications. He also does photography tours in Iceland, Norway, Canada, US, and other locations.

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