Winter’s Art

If people were to ask me on what is my favorite winter place to photograph, I would say, Banff National Park and surrounding areas in Alberta, Canada. Winter here is harsh but rewarding, it can provide a lot of photographic opportunities if you are given the right conditions and if you are willing. Here are some tips to help you get your winter bucket list;

1. Look for interesting foregrounds. Winter provides the best artwork over the landscape.

2. Use dynamic lines to create a sense of depth and perspective. Portrait-oriented photos can enhance this effect.

3. Learn focus bracketing or blending to have a better depth of field.

4. Do intimate landscape and check patterns winter creates. Sky doesn’t have to be included in a great photo.

5. Use symmetry with your clouds and foreground. It is a classic but proven way to increase impact with your photos.

Here are some of my favorite collections taken in our tour in Banff National Park during winter to further help you with the tips above.

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Published by Edwin Martinez

Edwin Martinez is considered one of the Philippine’s premiere Landscape photographer, he has been shooting travel and landscapes from around the globe. His works have been featured both in local and international publications. He also does photography tours in Iceland, Norway, Canada, US, and other locations.

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