Rainbow Bright

One major component of visual impact is the moment, these are special conditions such as rainbows or atmospheric phenomena. It can prove to be an aesthetic delight to any frame. Here are some tips how to photograph rainbows;

1. Use a CPL (Circular Polarizing Filter) to enhance the rainbow. Learn to use the CPL to your advantage. This filter can either enhance or remove the rainbow so be very cautious when using it.
2. Bracket your shots. Sometimes underexposing the sky will give you more contrast and colors, thus more definition to the rainbow.
3. Always remember that if you have stormy clouds and rain anti-solar, there is a big possibility that a rainbow will appear.
4. Most waterfalls that are facing the sun will most likely have a rainbow, find the angle where it is most apparent.
5. A full rainbow is usually a treat. Use panorama to get the entire band.

Published by Edwin Martinez

Edwin Martinez is considered one of the Philippine’s premiere Landscape photographer, he has been shooting travel and landscapes from around the globe. His works have been featured both in local and international publications. He also does photography tours in Iceland, Norway, Canada, US, and other locations.

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