Expanding Your Vision

Photography is a visual medium, it is both of documentary and artistic in nature. One should always know the end product of the frame and here are some tips on how to expand your vision;

Find inspiration – it may be another one’s work or through music, love, family. Inspiration is the root of all masterpieces. Sam Smith broke all records when he released his first album, all the songs were merited to his heartbreaks. Inspiration comes in different forms, channel those to create stunning images.

Train your creativity – moments and scenes will not fall in your lap. Travel, walk, wander… No matter how good you are, if the opportunity is not there, it will all be in vain.

Achieving a personal style and learn to evolve – lastly, experiment and don’t be afraid to develop and grow a certain style. Also having said that, don’t be contented in one look, a lot of good photographers were forgotten because they failed to evolve to a new style.

I leave you with a photo of a frozen waterfall in Johnston Canyon in Banff National park, a lot of photographers have been here and this is my version, my personal vision. I wanted a mood that entails loneliness, seclusion or isolation. This is my final product and how I expanded my vision.

A vertical panorama using long exposure, breathed a bit of warm air in the filter to create that misty effect (you can also achieve this in post using the Orton effect).

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Published by Edwin Martinez

Edwin Martinez is considered one of the Philippine’s premiere Landscape photographer, he has been shooting travel and landscapes from around the globe. His works have been featured both in local and international publications. He also does photography tours in Iceland, Norway, Canada, US, and other locations.

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