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Wide Horizon Visuals is a US registered company and is based in LA. We have been doing quality tours with less participants and always with two to three guides to truly help our clients. More information on our Facebook Page.

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One of the best photography tours out there! 

Lance Lim

My first trip with Wide Horizon Photo Adventures was on the Canadian Rockies Frozen Bubble Tour in January 2019 and what a great adventure it was! Edwin, Noel and Francis planned and executed a wonderful workshop. The places we visited were stunning with wonderful photo opportunities. They were available to instruct and assist when needed and I came home having advanced my photography skills. I would highly recommend Wide Horizon Photo Adventure photo tours.

Mary Hurley

They never fail to bring us to epic places at the perfect time. Their attention to detail from planning as well as during our trip was admirable to make sure that we are comfortable and safe. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, they always have a plan B so that we can make the most of our tour. The guides were very knowledgeable and patiently there to guide us, making certain that we bring home the best photos and memories. Thank you, Edwin, Noel and Francis, you guys are top notch and will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. Looking forward to your next tour.

Charles Dumancas

My trip with Wide Horizon Photography Tours to Lofoten, Norway was epic and unforgettable. It was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that should be on every photographer’s bucket list!

Audrey Lanier Andersen


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